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Chicago White Metal is a die casting company which delivers precision die cast products and services in aluminum, magnesium and zinc.

Webinar for Qualifying Die Castings and CNC, turning, milling, custom gages, leak testing, sub-assemblies, machining, custom packaging, filing, polishing, surface finish

As a custom die casting supplier, we understand that the success of your project requires a partner with the technology and expertise to provide innovative, high quality results.

Regardless of die casting quantity, alloy or finish we can lower your unit costs on quality die cast parts.

With over 75 years of experience, CWM can meet your most challenging requirements, whether it’s an existing die casting design or a conversion from another die casting production process.

WEBINAR AVAILABLE!  Click on the link to the right to register and download!  



Eric Treiber is a guest on the radio show "Manufacturing Talk Radio".  Click "Play" button above to listen now!  

die cast parts for various industries and applications

We are more than a die casting supplier. CWM offers a full array of custom, quality services.

We offer a complete die casting process solution that includes turnkey cast, machined, finished, coated, and assembled die castings that are optimized for your application.

We provide assistance in precision die casting design and use high-end technology to make sure your high volume, custom die casting project, whether your alloy is aluminum, magnesium or zinc, is given the best possible price matched by the best possible quality.  As a leading die casting supplier, we strive towards solutions that work on every aspect of production.  

Our motto, “Excellence is Expected,” is reflected in everything we do... and that’s only the beginning of our story.

The Village of Bensenville interviews Eric Treiber, CEO of CWM (a custom die casting company for high volume HPDC)
Chicago White Metal is featured on "Spotlight on Fenton" for Manufacturing Day 2016.    Click the image to watch this exclusive.

Take a tour of CWM. Learn how we're creating the world's most intricate aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloy die casting components by pushing the boundaries of the die casting design and production process. Watch this 1-minute video and see how we do it. Have design questions? Explore CWM’s comprehensive  design center which provides a comprehensive technical resource for component designers, product engineers, purchasing, and quality engineers.

Visit now and gain access to 70-plus die cast design guides, technical white papers, case studies, on-demand webinars and much more. Request a quote today on high precision die casting for your application, or contact Chicago White Metal for more information.




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