Every die cast tool we build will meet or exceed your specifications for quality.

A set of die cast tooling dies specifically designed for your die casting project.

CWM's superior-grade tool steel is 100% certified. Die casting tooling microstructure must have uniform carbide distribution, free of internal defects, to insure against premature failure.

Casmir Walat repairs the die cast tooling needed to create each specially designed die casting component.

Janusz Niemczura working on a repairing a die casting die tool.  

CWM uses a rigid set of die casting tooling standards for all tools.  With a disciplined tooling manufacturing process, you can be assured of consistent manufacturing rates, predictable tool life and efficient production runs. This translates into meeting your quality, delivery, and budgetary goals.  

An Added Layer of Protection for Your Die Cast Tool Investment

The initial investment in a die cast tool is significant compared to other project costs.  CWM offers a way to extend the life of the die cast tooling by treating the tool’s surface with a duplex coating process, which is particularly useful for high volume applications.  This extra layer of protection provides the following benefits:

-          High layer hardness – protects the die against abrasive wear and heat-checks

-          Excellent thermal and chemical stability – reduces soldering in the die casting process

-          Low coefficient of friction – improves part ejection from the die and reduces the tool wear

Die Cast Tooling Today

CWM’s die cast tooling costs have been lowered in recent years by leveraging both off-shore and domestic partners.  Each partner delivers high quality die cast tooling that employs efficient tool construction equipment and processes. With every new project, we look for ways to provide you with the best return on investment.  


Contact Chicago White Metal to learn more about our superior quality die cast tooling.

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