In-house prototyping gives the die caster a better understanding of the die design.

Prototype Die Casting parts help the customer to understand what will work for their end product and helps CWM to understand what is needed for a die casting project.

A 3D printing prototype is used to validate the casting’s design. Pictured with the approved casting.


Prototype Die Casting is sometimes touched upon by Gustavo Martinez, who is a CNC Machine operator.

Gustavo Martinez
CNC Machine Operator
Employed since 1990

When the design and development process of a die casting project requires a prototype, CWM uses the most widely accepted prototype options.  This includes the newest rapid prototyping (RP) process, sand casting, rubber-plaster molding, CNC machining and 3D Printing.  

3D Printed Prototypes are produced in-house, directly from customer CAD files, using ABS resins, liquid polymers, or gel that are extruded layer by layer from a special print head.  In addition to allowing customer evaluation before die construction, these parts offer direct guidance for design of trim tools, gauges, and fixtures which may be required for post-casting machining and surface finishing.  Shortest possible lead times are assured.

In-House, CNC Machined Prototypes, can be produced in any material for your functional testing or design development purposes.  In addition, a CNC machined pre-production run can be a cost-effective process for more widespread evaluation.  Often, the CNC fixtures developed by CWM for prototyping can be economically re-purposed for later post-casting part machining. 

The use of in-house prototyping allows our design engineers to gain a better understanding of design, production and finishing requirements.  

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