The design phase of any new project should start with the finish in mind.

Die Casting Surface Finish for several die casting products

Depending on your casting’s surface finish requirements, CWM can provide all your finishing needs.

powder coating surface finish being applied to a series of die castings.

Powder coating being applied to several die castings.  

A die casting surface finish can provide durability, protection and a decorative appearance. Because surface finishing options range from appearance to performance, it is best to discuss your application needs with us early in the design phase. The specific features of many designs have an impact on the surface finish. For example, parting lines, ejector pins, and gates can affect the end result. With over 75 years of die casting surface finishing expertise, our engineers will evaluate your requirements to recommend the best design and finishing options.

Depending on your casting’s surface finish requirements, CWM can provide all your finishing needs. Standard finishing steps include:

  • Mechanical Finishing
  • Functional Finishing
  • Decorative Finishing

CWM offers two excellent resources to assist you determine your best casting surface finish options:

CWM has developed a quick finishing guide with detailed information for each finish, by alloy, with recommended uses, advantages and limitations.

CWM offers finished die cast “coupons” which allow you to accurately visualize different die casting surface finishing options, and evaluate relative performance levels. Each “coupon” exhibits a coating applied under production conditions to the actual die cast alloy used for your product. The finishes cover all widely used post-casting surface coatings and finishing alternatives available for die cast components in aluminum, magnesium and zinc.

Both of these resources plus many others are available with a free subscription to CWM’s Design Center.

Contact Chicago White Metal today to learn more about our available die casting surface finish options.

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