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Die Casting

CWM has been die casting parts for over 75 years!

Since 1937, CWM has worked leaner and smarter to produce the most difficult die casting parts in Aluminum, Magnesium & Zinc, making Chicago White Metal your best choice for any die casting project. Regardless of quantity, size, alloy,  or finish, we can lower your die casting unit costs on quality die cast parts. Our management systems are IS0 9001 and ISO 14001 registered.

Aluminum Die Castings Process-controlled Aluminum Die Casting Part production, with the latest Magmasoft® simulation plus robotic production automation— delivering die cast aluminum at This image shows a small visualization of CWM Metal Die Casting Capabilitiessignificantly decreased lead and cycle times with first-piece success.

Magnesium Hot-Chamber Die Castings
The first North American custom die caster to use this faster-cycling Mg die casting process, CWM operates one of the largest, most advanced .custom hot-chamber facilities for precision magnesium die casting components.

Zinc Die Castings for high precision and lowest die cast tooling costs. CWM was an early adopter of space-saving thin-wall production of Zinc Die Castings for reduced weight, with no loss in part strength.

Miniature Zinc & ZA-8 multi-slide die casting production: Flash-free, net-shape components ready for final assembly, at low unit costs and minimum tooling investment. CWM specializes in delivering miniature parts with any required post-casting finishing, including precision machining where net shapes are not possible.

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