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Miniature zinc die casting offers the highest precision at the lowest tooling cost.


Watch Video: See the high-speed miniature die casting process that is used at CWM.

Various miniature die castings (Zinc) components are shown for medical, GPS, electronics, electrical, automotivve, and more industries.

CWM manufactures many miniature die castings from various zinc alloys for various industries, such as: medical, electronics, etc.

Size comparison of a quarter to a miniature die cast part made in Zinc.

A quarter is compared to the size of this miniature die casting component (zinc), which holds the camera onto an electronic whiteboard.  

Size comparison to a small miniature die casting for a bar code scanner part.

The size of a quarter vs. the size of this mini zinc die casting, which goes into a handheld bar code scanner.  

Miniature zinc die casting is the process of choice for small complex components.  Utilizing machines and dies specifically designed for the production of small parts, the miniature zinc process can produce net shape, flash-free parts.  while this process is similar to the hot-chamber die casting CWM employees for larger parts, it is capable of holding tolerances as tight as +/- .001", and walls as thin as 0.020", in parts weighing up to .75 lbs.

Major advantages of the miniature die casting process include:

  • Ability to die cast complex net shape, flash-free parts with specified features and tolerances as-cast
  • No post-casting machining, with gate removal eliminated by automated degating or part-on-part deburring.

Because no trim tool is required and tools are significantly smaller, miniature zinc die cast tooling is often far less costly than conventional tooling.  

Although part intricacy drives tooling cost, a simple 2 x 2 inch miniature die cast tool can cost as little as $8,500.  

Long tool life is another advantage of the process, with up to 1MM cycles possible. 

Finally, because of the fast cycle times, the cost of parts are generally a fraction of the cost of conventional die casting, typically costing pennies compared to dollars, making miniature die casting an excellent choice for small parts.  

CWM offers zinc alloys #3, #5, #7, and ZA8, each with their own advantages.  Miniature zinc die casting can economically replace other manufacturing processes such as plastic, screw machine, cold heading, and stamping, while offering greater dimensional control and lower costs. 

Miniature zinc die cast components are often used "as-cast" with no further surface treatment.  If required, however, CWM offers a broad range of cosmetic and functional finish options.  These include corrosion protection coatings, plating, paint, or electro deposited coatings.  And, when extremely tight tolerances are specified, CWM provides a complete range of CNC and conventional machining capabilities.  

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