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Economy and efficiency are just two reasons to use the die casting process.


Aluminum, magnesium, or zinc furnaces are important to the die casting process

The die casting process - early stages of production.

If you’re looking for the most economical, efficient technology to produce your component in a durable and rigid metal form, the high pressure die casting process is the solution.  It provides the broadest range of shapes compared to other manufacturing techniques. In addition, the high pressure die casting process provides a high degree of dimensional accuracy and offers:

  • Production of complex shapes with tight tolerances
  • Thin wall metal castings
  • High production rates
  • Long service life
  • Lowest per part piece price

CWM uses a hot chamber die casting process for magnesium and zinc die cast products and a cold chamber die casting process for aluminum. Miniature zinc die casting is also available.

Request a quote today on a custom die casting solution for your application, or contact Chicago White Metal for more information.

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