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Fall 2016 – Vol. 12, No. 2

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  • Die Casting Newsletter Inside CWM image for vol 12 no 2Multiple Die Casting Design & Education Awards for CWM
  • Industrial Robots Assisting Die Casting & CNC Operations at CWM
  • National Sales Conference Sets Sail on Lake Michigan
  • 2016 Annual Picnic Pictures
  • Ted Bystryk Celebrates 43 Years at CWM
  • Marketer Goes for Pro in Competitive Kayaking
  • CWM Soccer Team Champion Coaches Children’s Soccer League
  • Die Casting Crossword & Wordplay (GAMES)

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The Verdict Is In… CWM and Stenograph Win the IMA Award for Die Cast Design!

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Stenograph Luminex parts were cast by Chicago White Metal. Screen frame and Keyboard Chassis

The Screen Frame casting (left) and the Keyboard Chassis casting (right) are the 2016 Winners for the IMA Award for Design Excellence.  

IMA Die Casting Excellence Award for Magnesium Part

The IMA Award makes its way home from Italy to CWM!

The verdict is in – Chicago White Metal joined forces with Stenograph to not only meet the requirements for producing the high-end stenotype machine parts, but also to win the “case” for Commercial Castings – Excellence in Design from the International Magnesium Association (IMA).

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) was founded in 1943 with a mission in mind – “promote the use of the metal magnesium in material selection and encourage innovative applications of the versatile metal.”

Stenograph produces high-end, portable stenotype machines for court reporters with exceptional quality.  The Stenograph Luminex is more than 1 lb. lighter than the previous model, 33% thinner, and stands at a mere 2.5″ tall.

Walter & Carolyn Treiber accept the prestigious IMA award for die cast design excellence for magnesium, for customer Stenograph

Walter & Carolyn Treiber accept IMA Award for Die Cast Design.

This Award of Excellence is an annual award that is given to the company demonstrating an outstanding example of the use of magnesium.  The magnesium screen frame serves as an ideal metal replacement for plastic, creating a high-end “feel” and look to the end product.  The keyboard chassis replaced aluminum with magnesium for decreased mass, allowing the final product to offer maximum portability.

Walter Treiber explains at the IMA’s World Conference in Italy why magnesium was ultimately chosen for the die cast design of this particular casting.



CWM Ice Sculpture at 2016 IMA World Conference in Italy

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) Creates a CWM Ice Sculpture at the IMA World Conference Closing Banquet in Italy.

Magnesium’s ability to be die cast with an excellent surface finish allows the screen frame part to readily accept a highly cosmetic appearance, giving a sleek, reflective surface finish to the screen frame.  A court reporter is expected to type the official transcripts of court hearings several times a day with amazing efficiency, so the decision to cast the keyboard chassis in magnesium reduced the overall end product mass, which increased portability from one courtroom to the next.”

Congratulations to Chicago White Metal and Stenograph for the success and excellence in die casting!

Visit The 2016 IMA Awards for Excellence Page for more information on the winners of the Awards of Excellence for this year.

Visit Stenograph for more information on the Stenograph Luminex.

Spring 2016, Vol. 12, No. 1

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CWM Die Casting Employee Ray Fiala is proud of daughter Emily for being a McKearn Fellow at NIU

  • CWM Scholarship Recipient Inducted into Prestigious McKearn Fellowship
  • Local High School Students Shadow CWM Engineers
  • CWM-Sponsored Soccer Team Wins Championship
  • Culture of Giving: CWM Team Members Give Back
  • 2015 Holiday Luncheon Pictures
  • Gift of Giving: Brian Andrews’ Extended Family Give to the Community
  • Summer Intern to Start in May
  • CWM Assists High Schoolers on Senior Engineering Project
  • Employee of the Month & Year
  • Bensenville Mayor Gets an Exclusive Tour of CWM
  • New Machinery Added to CWM Capabilities

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Die Casting 101: Hot Chamber vs. Cold Chamber

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hot chamber and cold chamber die cast parts groupHigh pressure die casting (HPDC) is a process where molten metal is injected under very high pressure into premium steel molds (dies) in order to manufacture high precision die cast products.  The die is designed to cast engineered shapes and complex features with great accuracy and consistent replication.

There are two types of HPDC which Chicago White Metal provides: hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting.  Although there are several similarities between the two types, they exist separately for different purposes.

Hot Chamber Die Casting

This is the hot chamber die casting process when the plunger is in the "up" position. Hot chamber die casting is a type of die casting that uses alloys with low melting temperatures (i.e. Zinc, some Magnesium alloys).  Using alloys with high melting temperatures would result in
damage to the gooseneck, nozzle and other components.

In a hot chamber die casting machine, the fixed die half is called a cover die, which is mounted to a stationary platen (large plate to which each die half is mounted) and aligns with the nozzle of the gooseneck.  The movable die half is the ejector die and is mounted to a movable platen, which slides along tie bars.

This is an illustration of the hot chamber process when the plunger is in the down position. The metal is contained in an open holding pot, which is placed in the furnace and melted to the needed temperature.  When the plunger is in the “up” position, the molten metal flows into the shot chamber.  As the plunger moves down, it forces the molten metal through a gooseneck and into the die at injection pressures ranging from 1,000 – 5,000 psi.

The machine pushes the moving platen towards the cover die and holds it closed with great pressure until the molten metal is injected.  The plunger remains in the “down” position to hold the pressure while the casting “cools off.”  After solidification, the plunger is retracted and the cast part is either ejected, manually removed from the machine or pushed off the cover die.  This ejection system, which includes an ejector die and ejector pins, allows the casting to be pushed out while releasing the die halves.

Watch an animation of a hot chamber die casting machine by clicking the following image:
Hot Chamber Die Casting Process Illustrated in a Video

Cold Chamber Die Casting

This is an illustration of the cold chamber process. The ladle is pouring the molten metal alloy into the shot chamber. Cold chamber die casting is a type of die casting that is used for alloys with high melting temperatures (i.e. Aluminum and some Magnesium alloys).

As a contrast from hot chamber die casting (pumping molten metal into the machine), molten metal is ladled from the furnace into the shot chamber through a pouring hole.  While the general function of the cold chamber machine is similar to hot chamber, cold chamber works with a horizontal orientation and does not have a gooseneck.  The ram is pushing the molten metal from the shot chamber into the die cavity to create the die cast part. Instead, the plunger forces metal through the shot chamber into the die at pressures ranging from 2,000 and 20,000 psi.  The plunger holds the pressure and retracts after solidification.  The clamping unit and mounting of dies is set up the same as hot chamber, however the cover die for a cold chamber machine does not have a gooseneck or nozzle, and therefore aligns directly from the shot chamber.

Watch an animation of a cold chamber die casting machine by clicking the following image:
Cold Chamber Die Casting Video

If you would like to discuss how CWM can help you with your die casting project, please call 630-595-4424 or contact us at sales@cwmtl.com with your inquiries.

The Village of Bensenville and CWM Strengthen Ties with a Facility Tour

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VillageOfBensenville-Evan-Summers-Mike-Martella-Eric-Treiber-Mayor-Frank-Soto-CWM-Die-Casting-Tour Chicago White Metal further strengthens its ties with Village of Bensenville by offering an exclusive tour of the CWM facilities.  The relationship between Bensenville and CWM has existed since the 1970’s, when the company moved from its Chicago location and built the Bensenville plant.  About 1 1/2 years ago, CWM was featured on the Village of Bensenville local TV show, “Made In Bensenville,” in which Mayor Frank Soto and Eric Treiber discussed the manufacturing industry, the history of the company, the current state of die casting, corporate culture, and other issues.

Mayor Soto was accompanied by new Village Manager Evan Summers and Marketing & Business Development Administrator Mike Martella.


Bill Baraglia Appointed Chief Operating Officer for Chicago White Metal Castings, Inc.

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Bill Baraglia Die Castings COOChicago White Metal Casting, Inc., manufacturer of custom die cast components, has announced the promotion of Vice President of Manufacturing Bill Baraglia to Chief Operating Officer.  Bill is one of the longest-tenured members of the CWM team, second only to Walter Treiber, Chairman.  His 47 years of dedication, loyalty and leadership helped pave the way for Chicago White Metal to achieve many successes over the company’s nearly 80-year existence.

“Bill’s amazing perseverance, dogged pursuit of excellence, and support of CWM’s cultural pillars of positive attitude, fulfillment of commitments, respect for all others, transparency in all dealings, and never catering to rank are readily identifiable in all activities in which Bill participates,” says CEO Eric Treiber.

Newly appointed COO Bill Baraglia offered a brief statement on the topic: “Being a part of the CWM team is like having the fastest race car on the track – you can’t help but win as long as you are going in the right direction!”

Congratulations, Bill!