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Still Believe That Magnesium Die Casting is Too Expensive?

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Magnesium die casting floating moneyThe reality is, die casting metal materials are priced and purchased by the pound. In engineered part designs, their material content is based on the volumes actually used in the part. When objective material cost evaluations are based on “equal volume” comparisons, magnesium die casting becomes cost-competitive due to its low density, excellent strength, stiffness and energy absorption characteristics. Magnesium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any structural metal.

Magnesium’s thinwall die casting capabilities routinely allow housing walls to be cast to 0.12 in. (3 mm), with many walls cast as thin as 0.03 in. (0.76 mm). The results are lower magnesium part weights and material costs comparable to reinforced plastics. Automated hot-chamber magnesium die casting technology, exclusively used by CWM, delivers faster cycle times (30% greater than aluminum processing, plus die life from two to four times longer).

Cost and other so-called “knowns” about magnesium related to the die casting process may be keeping you from realizing the considerable benefits of today’s die cast processing in magnesium. Download CWM’s paper and get the facts on die casting with magnesium.  The paper is free to any Die Cast Design Center subscriber.

Explore the advantages of die casting with Magnesium and see if its unique properties can be employed in your new design or conversion from another process.  View our recorded webinar titled, “Magnesium Die Casting: Solutions for Today’s Markets.”  This 50-minute video reviews:

PREVIEW: Magnesium Die Casting Webinar
  • Mg properties and benefits
  • How Magnesium die casting stacks up to other manufacturing options
  • When Mg die casting is a smart choice
  • Prototyping and finishing options
  • Loads of case studies!

The webinar is available to any subscriber of CWM’s Die Casting Design Center – DC2.  Subscription is free and offers 75-plus technical papers including die cast design assistance, design specifications, and component sourcing resources. View the webinar now.  

CWM Wins NADCA 2012 Aluminum Die Casting Award

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CWM Wins NADCA 2012 Aluminum Die Casting AwardAluminum Die Casted Archery Bow for Children

Key aluminum handle riser component for the new compound bow developed for young archers by industry leader Bowtech, produced as a high-tech die casting by Chicago White Metal Casting, won the 2012 NADCA International Die Casting Competition in the under one lb. classification.

Specifications called for the aluminum die cast riser to meet exacting professional bow tolerances at a targeted marketing price, plus conformance to a machined “hogout” appearance with all evidence of casting gates absent.

Download the Case Study of this riser die casting, in the Case Study section of the OEM Die Cast Design Center.

CWM 3-way Win in NADCA Casting Competition

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Three entries by Chicago White Metal Casting were winners in each of their categories in the 2009 Die Casting Design Contest of the North American Die Casting Assn., scoring a first-ever triple win for CWM in this international contest.

 For Aluminum Die Castings, 1 to 10 lbs., CWM was the winner with a baseplate control support structure for a dental workstation, serving as a rigid platform for mounting air, water and pneumatic control lines concealed with a cosmetic cover. Cut-out features over a 6 in. length across the 8.5 in. center width of this plate restricts the edge-to-edge metal flow, creating a challenging die fill. CWM employed its Magmasoft simulation software in developing the optimum gating system for this component.

 For Aluminum Die Castings, under 1 lb., the winning as-cast die casting went to the CWM automotive mirror mount. This casting achieves the structural integrity and critical dimensional accuracy required to withstand years of
trouble-free operation through wide changes in temperature and humidity. The ball end is held to a tolerance of +/-0.1 mm that must be maintained over a long production run.

 For Magnesium Die Castings, over .5 lbs., CWM’s third winner was a set of two hot-chamber Mg side-walls for a medical imager, providing exterior cosmetics as well as critical functions to this state-of-the-art desktop unit: the die cast walls assure cassette alignment and support for rollers and motors. Die cast Mg offered optimum dimensional accuracy and repeatability, with flatness held as-cast to .032 in. or less over almost a 20 in. length, and significant weight reduction. A proprietary injection system eliminated edge gating, with metal injected directly into the die casting.

More details, and photos, on the award-winning Mg medical imager side-wall die castingsabovego to Case Study No. 37.”
For photos of all three of the 2009 award-winning die castings, go to “Triple-Win Case Study No. 40.

500% Cost Saving: Die Cast vs Machined Brass

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The low-volume production of a small precision component for a medical device, produced in CNC machined brass, was put through value analysis against possible alternative production efficiencies. Results of the review indicated that a CWM net-shape 4-slide miniature zinc die casting could replace the machined part with no sacrifice in mechanical properties, at a significant cost reduction. The precision component is now being die cast at a 500% unit cost saving.

To download a PDF of the full case study of this part, click here for Miniature Die Casting Case Study No. 39 on the Case Study page in the OEM Die Cast Design Center secti

Ultra-Rugged Specs Met by Hi-Tech Mg Housing

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The new GR-3 GPS satellite tracking unit from Topcon Positioning Systems is a major breakthrough in technology.

Project managers at Topcon wanted the GR-3 enclosure to be as advanced as the technology inside: ultra rugged and durable but lightweight for portable field use; waterproof; dustproof, with fail-safe EMI shielding. A high-tech CWM hot-chamber magnesium die casting was the clear housing choice– shock rated to survive 6.5 t. pole drops to concrete.

To examine full design and production details on this outstanding enclosure, click here for the PDF in the Case Study section of the OEM Die Cast Design Center.

IMA Excellence Award to CWM Mg Medical Housing

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Die Cast Magnesium Parts for Medical Industry

IMA awarded CWM for excellence for this magnesium die cast part for the medical industry.

The hot-chamber magnesium die cast housing from CWM for a new cart-based modular ultrasound system received the “Design Award of Excellence” from the International Magnesium Association (IMA).  Lightweight, durability under abuse, and fail-safe shielding against the ultra-high EMI noise levels of hospital environments were important material and process considerations.

In-depth OEM experience with plastics rejected a resin-based design, based plastic’s requirement for thicker walls and the difficulties of assured EMI/RFI shielding, plus inherent lower drop strength.

Both magnesium die casting and thixotropic metal molding were carefully evaluated in the engineering of this magnesium part. While metal molding could meet the shielding advantages and ruggedness of die cast magnesium, it could not meet the minimum wall thicknesses required— achievable using advanced die casting methods.

For more details on this Medical Housing application, see “Case Studies” in the Die Cast Design Center Section.