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CNC Machining Centers Increased to 27

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With the addition of two new Leadwell CNC machining centers to its CNC Machining Division, an MV-40 and MV-50 unit, Chicago White Metal has increased its number of centers to 27, V.P. Brian Andrews announced.

The new Leadwells, in addition to further expanding CWM’s capability for highest RPM spindle speeds and precision, enable still larger parts and more efficient multiple operations to be programmed. A wider range of prototyping, dedicated machining and post-casting machining can be performed in house.

For more on CWM’s CNC capabilities, click here.

New Mag Option for Chrome-Plated Plastic

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The superior mechanical qualities of magnesium can now be combined with a premium cosmetic plated finish offering product designers a cost-effective new option. New joint material and process finishing developments have brought quality electroplating to Mg die casting for a wide range of new applications.

The new mag chrome-plated surface finishes for die cast housings and components are comparable to that achievable in high-quality zinc parts and superior to that of molded plastic.

Quality chrome plating for thin-wall, lightweight mag has long been a goal when an alternative to a painted surface was desired. Chicago White Metal Casting can now offer mag’s superior advantages in rigidity, impact strength and dent resistance with a premium-plated finish, at part weights comparable to plastic. Excellent heat dissipation and built-in EMI/RFI shielding are added benefits of Mg. The costly inserts often required for plastic parts can be eliminated.

For more on how this new Mag Alloy and Chrome Electroplating development could benefit your product planning, Email the CWM Sales Dept. or call 630-595-4424.

EPA-Compliant Chromate for Al, Mg & Zn Parts

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Environmentally friendly trivalent chromium is now a proven, economical alternative to hexavalent chromium coatings, offering high corrosion resistance for CWM Al, Mg and Zn die castings in a range of applications.

With a bright, cosmetically pleasing finish, this alternative combined conversion-functional coating meets stricter commercial and U.S. and European Union environmental mandates, avoiding the concerns with prohibited products using toxic hexavalent chromates.

Results of tests to ASTM standards demonstrate salt-spray protection up to 168 hours on Aluminum alloy 380.

(For a printed CWM “Tech Brief” on the latest information regarding Trivalent Chromium coating for die castings, contact your CWM Regional Sales-Engineering Representative or theCWM Sales Dept., or download Tech Brief No. 34 in the Application/Tech Brief section of the OEM Die Cast Design Center)

Lean Manufacturing Practices to the Next Level

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As part of its program of aggressively pursuing best lean practices, CWM has formalized lean manufacturing in its production procedures, incorporating continuing in-house training.

The CWM program is based on in depth reviews of the successful lean programs of its largest customers, with successful backgrounds in the formal application of lean manufacturing principles. CWM team members participated in comprehensive lean training sessions incorporating Kaisan events and Value Stream Mapping.

The lean manufacturing program at CWM has demonstrated its continuing effectiveness in revealing improvement opportunities.

Magmasoft® Assures Critical Cosmetic Success

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Critical cosmetic plated finish requirements for die cast component surfaces has always been one of the most exacting specifications for the die casting process. A current project for an aluminum die cast dome-shaped design required a gold-plated finish: the combination of this plating specification and the part’s shape meant the optimum surface finish challenge.

After inputting the customer’s CAD files and developing the optimal tooling design for the project, use of advanced Magmasoft® process simulation software in-house enabled CWM engineers to predict the effects of final metal flow on the part’s critical surface. After a series of precise tooling design iterations and repeat simulations, the design was released for die tooling construction. The final result: first-shot success.

Interfacing with extensive databases and its 3D modeler, the new software allows rapid analysis of a product’s design, tooling, and process variables prior to die construction. CWM engineers believe that the Magmasoft system is, today, the best predictor of the performance of a die casting die design. It provides a best estimate of the mechanical properties that can be expected in the final cast part.

The bottom line for OEMs by CWM’s use of this advanced system is reduced lead time, improved quality assurance, and lower costs of manufacturing. Arrange a visit to CWM to see CWM’s Magmasoft workstation in action.

(A CWM “Guide to Surface Finishing” for die castings, containing design tips for better finishing results and alternative finishing cost comparisons, can be downloaded from the Design Guide Section in the OEM Die Cast Design Center. For more on Magmasot simulation, see the Applic/Tech Brief Section. To arrange a CWM Plant visit to see Magmasoft metal flow simulation in action, contact your CWM Regional Sales-Engineering Representative or the CWM Sales Dept.)

CWM Marks 70th Year of OEM Services Expansion

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Chicago White Metal Casting was founded in 1937 in a loft building in the center of Chicago by Walter G. Treiber, Sr. and Samuel Gullo. As a custom die caster of recyclable alloys, the company operates today under 2nd & 3rd-generation Treiber family management from a modern 136,000 sq. ft. facility in Bensenville, Illinois.

From Zn to Al to Mg and Beyond. An early adopter of thin-wall zinc technology for hot-chamber die casting, CWM promoted Zn for complex, lighter-weight and lower-cost parts. With the addition of cold-chamber aluminum die casting machines, CWM soon integrated successive porosity-reduction techniques into Al part production. Today CWM engineers are leveraging the processing predictability of the Magmasoft® die casting software simulation system to optimize net-shape aluminum die cast components.

A Pioneer in Hot-Chamber Mg Production. CWM became a pioneer in hot-chamber magnesium die casting as the first North American custom die caster to offer this advanced, faster-cycling process. Its Mg experience has set the standard for close-toleranced, thin-wall, net- and near-net shape Mg housings: it operates the largest custom hot-chamber Mg department in North America. And today the cost-efficiency of miniature Zn & ZA-8 die casting is now offered.

High-precision in-house CNC machining, as well as complete contract manufacturing and assembly, became a part of CWM’s broadened services. CWM and its divisions are ISO 9001 registered and its environmental management systems 14001 registered, with best-in-class environmental practices recognized by EPA. For more on CWM capabilities, see theCapabilities Section.