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CWM Gets “Klever” and takes Home a 2017 NADCA Die Casting Award!

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Rob receives NADCA Award on behalf of CWM Engineering Team for Die Cast Design!

Chicago White Metal collaborated with Klever Innovations to “cut” out the competition and take home a win for the Klever Xchange Plus Handle!  Both teams were honored with a 2017 North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) Excellence in Design Award, winning the “Magnesium under 0.5 lbs.” category.magnesium die cast handle

Klever Innovations is a company that makes safety their top priority and is committed to developing the most innovative safety equipment and utility cutting knives in the industry. Klever manufactures and designs all of their products within the United States, and the safety knives are built to the highest quality and efficiency, helping to reduce costs associated with on-the-job injury claims and employee downtime. They have developed a full line of cutters and safety knives that satisfy different needs in the workplace, utilizing an innovative replacement blade system which protects employees when they are changing out the blades.

the 2017 NADCA Die Casting Design Award now has a home on one of our Awards walls! Chicago White Metal spent a great deal of time and care ensuring the engineering of this part maintained the Klever reputation. Both engineering teams discussed the challenge, which was how to make as many of the features castable and eliminate additional processes. The previous end product (Klever Xchange) was a multi-part assembly, which was primarily plastic with steel and rubber features. CWM worked closely with the Klever team to create a design that involved consolidating this part into a single magnesium casting for a more cost- and time-efficient die cast solution.

NADCA is a die casting association that sets quality standards and checkpoints for die casters throughout North America.  The prestigious Award of Excellence is an annual award that is given to the companies involved in the design of a die cast part which shows the highest level of die casting innovation and overall efficiency.

Congratulations to the CWM Engineering Team and Klever for a 2017 Win!


The Village of Bensenville and CWM Strengthen Ties with a Facility Tour

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VillageOfBensenville-Evan-Summers-Mike-Martella-Eric-Treiber-Mayor-Frank-Soto-CWM-Die-Casting-Tour Chicago White Metal further strengthens its ties with Village of Bensenville by offering an exclusive tour of the CWM facilities.  The relationship between Bensenville and CWM has existed since the 1970’s, when the company moved from its Chicago location and built the Bensenville plant.  About 1 1/2 years ago, CWM was featured on the Village of Bensenville local TV show, “Made In Bensenville,” in which Mayor Frank Soto and Eric Treiber discussed the manufacturing industry, the history of the company, the current state of die casting, corporate culture, and other issues.

Mayor Soto was accompanied by new Village Manager Evan Summers and Marketing & Business Development Administrator Mike Martella.


CWM and A-Dec Dental win the prestigious IMA Award for Die Casting!

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International Magnesium Association presents Chicago White Metal with the prestigious Magnesium Die Casting Award for Excellence in Design.

Chicago White Metal does it again!  To add to the collection of die casting awards, CWM teamed up with A-Dec to create a part that fulfills and exceeds the high standards and quality of A-Dec’s parts, which ultimately became an award-winning duo.

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) was founded in 1943 with a mission in mind – “promote the use of the metal magnesium in material selection and encourage innovative applications of the versatile metal.”

A-Dec produces high-end dental products with exceptional quality.

This Award of Excellence is an annual award that is given to the company demonstrating an outstanding example of the use of magnesium.  With the rear housing and driver die castings being the first magnesium parts to be used in A-Dec’s LED Operatory Dental Light, the benefit of a decreased mass, ease of movement, and satisfaction of the customer proved to be a winner in itself, even without the award.


 When asked why a magnesium die casting was chosen for this application, a presentation given by Jon Miller a the Closing Banquet said the following:

“Magnesium’s strength-to-weight ratio and thin wall casting capability allowed for a thin-walled, lightweight part, which in turnallowed for a slender, stylish, ergonomic support structure.  Magnesium’s low mass enables the LED light to be easily maneuvered/positioned and minimizes issues with drift, inertia, or vibration.  Magnesium’s ability to dissipate heat allowed for passive cooling of the circuit board and diode connection points.  This means fewer moving parts and helps the unit achieve an estimated 20-year service life.  Magnesium’s ability to be die cast with excellent surface finish, and to readily accept commercial RoHs-compliant pre-treatment and po

magnesium-die-casting-driver-componentswder paint allowed the light housing to have a highly cosmetic appearance, matching the uniformity of the mating molded plastic and painted tubular structure.”

Congratulations to CWM and to A-Dec for amazing teamwork on this magnesium die casting duo!  

CWM Meets with High Schoolers to Discuss Education and Future Careers in Die Casting

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Rob Malarky presents on the aluminum die casting parts of a kid's archery bow.Chicago White Metal is dedicated not only to providing quality die casting parts to customers, but also to the education and futures of the younger population.  In an effort to increase awareness and debunk the common misconceptions of manufacturing career opportunities (specifically how it pertains to a die casting company), CWM visited Fenton High School’s engineering classes on January 12th, 2015 to provide them information on opportunities available with in-house training, certifications, and a college education.

Eric Treiber talks about die casting parts and educational opportunities.

Fenton High School has a dedication to inspire and education each individual student to serve his or her fullest potential.  As a “Project Lead the Way” school, this dedication has a rigorous academic program focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, known as STEM.  This provides each student the necessary preparation for careers in the 21st century.

Chicago White Metal gave a presentation to each of the advanced engineering classes, providing an in depth look at payscale expectations at different educational levels, and a case study of a die casting part from design to end product.  Fenton engineering students were eager to ask questions and learn more about how their current curriculum would prepare them for an engineering project manager such as this.  Rob Malarky (Assistant Director of Engineering), Eric Treiber (CEO/President) and Jon Miller (V.P. of Sales and Marketing) all gave different and dynamic perspectives on the die casting industry, providing a comprehensive insight on what these students have to look forward to.

Chicago White Metal's Jon Miller and Eric Treiber get a tour of Fenton's Applied Technology Department.

As an additional treat, CWM was given a tour of the FHS Applied Technology Department.

Fenton has already set up a field trip for the students to visit our 125,000 sq. ft. die casting parts facility, just down the street from the school.

Stay tuned for the next educational stopover by our CWM Die Casting Scholastic Street Team!

CWM Gives Back for the Holidays

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Chicago White Metal donates many toys to Toys for Tots each year.Another look at the CWM contribution to Toys for Tots.


Cathy Haener assisting in the TFT pick-up.

Every year around the holidays, Chicago White Metal actively participates in Toys for Tots, a foundation that delivers toys to kids who would otherwise not have presents for the holiday season.  CWM Employees all come together to provide a plethora of quality toys and goodies for children, in the spirit of giving.  Organized and orchestrated by Cathy Haener, our Human Resources Manger, this event reminds us how fortunate we are and through our interconnectedness with others, how CWM “pays it forward.”

CWM is Featured on Village of Bensenville TV Show

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The Village of Bensenville invited Eric Treiber, President and CEO of Chicago White Metal, to speak as a representative of the company.  The exclusive interview was a comprehensive overview of CWM, the corporate culture, and insights from both Eric Treiber and Village President Frank Soto on the manufacturing field and the beginnings and inner workings of CWM in the modern-day die casting industry.  Watch more here on their discussion.

CWM Location: Die Casting Facility

Chicago White Metal has enjoyed an ideal location of our die casting facility as well as corporate offices, just 10-15 minutes west of O’Hare International Airport.  With the location built from the ground up specifically for CWM, our die casting facility and offices have seen the surrounding industrial park grow tremendously over the years into the manufacturing mecca it is today.

CWM and the Village of Bensenville: A Long-Standing Partnership

CWM moved its die casting facility location to Bensenville in 1977, nearly 40 years ago, expanding the size of of their much smaller metal die casting space to a 76,500 state-of-the-art die casting facility.  Starting off with zinc die casting, CWM has since expanded into magnesium and aluminum die casting manufacturing, as well.

Chicago White Metal has enjoyed a long history in the die casting manufacturing business and has paved the way for not only Illinois die casting companies, but the die casting industry in general.  CWM was the first North American die caster to have earned ISO 14001 certification and receive environmental recognition from the EPA.  In 2001, CWM was the first die caster to achieve ISO 9001:2000 for product design, and in 1995, became one of the first die casting facilities to achieve ISO 9002:1994.

With a history and current day dedication to innovation, Chicago White Metal has put Bensenville and Illinois on the die casting manufacturing map.  Always maintaining a friendly and mutual partnership with Bensenville, this opportunity for CWM to interact directly with Village President Soto was both an honor and a privilege.

Visit the Village of Bensenville website here:  https://www.bensenville.il.us/