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Striko Dynarad & Nicor Gas both feature the newest CWM Aluminum Melting Furnace

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Striko Westofen, a global manufacturer of thermal processing technology, is known for providing energy-efficient solutions for various types of casting industries, which includes aluminum die casting.

Striko Westofen provided CWM with an aluminum die casting melting furnaceJust recently, Striko featured Chicago White Metal in their latest website article about our latest aluminum furnace addition.  This article features the new aluminum melting furnace installation that CWM recently acquired in response to the significant growth in aluminum die castings demand, to increase our aluminum melting capacity, and to maintain our responsibility to the environment as a part of the CWM culture.

Nicor energySMART mentions CWM for its aluminum die casting furnace and energy efficiency

Nicor Gas energySMART program, in conjunction with Striko Westofen, has also featured Chicago White Metal in their latest publication regarding the latest installation of the Striko aluminum furnace. Nicor describe the details on its energy efficiency in day-to-day die casting operations, providing benefits to both CWM and to our environment.

Read more about the energy efficiency of the new aluminum furnace here!

CWM Launches New “Green Facilities” Program

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Building on its ISO 14001 environmental certification commitments, CWM is launching an expanded program of “Green Facilities Initiatives” to further reduce its ecological footprint in its offices & production facilities.

Targeting landfill avoidance, waterways improvement and energy conservation, this program will further enhance CWM activities in recycling production scrap, plastic shrink film, pallets, batteries, packaging containers, corrugated material, office paper, and in reducing chemical & process water usage.

Outstanding Safety Record Cited Again for ’08

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Chicago White Metal Casting again received an Outstanding Safety Award from the North American Die Casting Association. One of a select group of die casters presented with the 2008 award, CWM repeated its safety peformance which brought it the award in 2007.

The annual NADCA Safety Award recognizes die casting industry companies that have met or exceeded industry criteria for operating a safe working environment for their employees, covering total operations whose reportable injury or illness level was below the national average of 7.0 for all manufacturing companies.

As a Green Biz Co. CWM Leads its Industry

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Based on its environmental leadership practices and participation in the EPA’s National Environmental Performance Track program, Chicago White Metal Casting has been recognized as a GreenBiz Leader company, the first and, we believe, still the only custom die casting facility so named by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

This EPA’s programs recognize and encourage top environmental performers— those who go beyond compliance with regulatory requirements to attain levels of environmental performance and management that benefit people, communities, and the environment.

CWM’s GreenBiz Leader recognition is the latest in a series of environmental initiatives and achievements leading its industry:

 1st to achieve ISO 14001 Certification
 1st participant in EPA’s Performance Track Program
 Member of EPA’s Sustainable Industries Partnership

And, of course, producer of Recyclable Products form Recyclable Alloys.