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Newest CNC & FDM Units Expand Capabilities

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Further CNC Dept. Expansion:
CWM’s CNC Dept. expansion moved significantly forward with the installation two new CNC machining centers: The Kitamura Mycenter HX400iSII and the Leadwell MV-50i CNC Machining Center.

The Kitamura Mycenter HX400iSII center, known as the CNC horizontal machining workhorse, offers greater flexibility with both high- and low-volume projects. It is equipped with leading edge CNC technology for optimizing each processing step. Extreme accuracy and repeatability is provided by its solid box way construction, assuring highest quality parts with a faster turn-around.

Also recently acquired was the state-of-the-art Leadwell MV-50i CNC Machining Center, which will allow the company’s growing CNC department to take on bigger projects, delivering on both higher volumes and larger parts. And since this system can manage complex jobs with multiple parts and complete them with a single setup, the MV-50i insures high efficiency.

New FDM Unit:
In addition to the CNC centers, CWM has also purchased a new FDM (Fused Deposition Molding) machine — the Dimension SST 1200 es. The unit is capable of creating rapid plastic prototypes that are 40 times stronger than those of the company’s previous system.

In-Die Degating 1st Wins Mg Process Tech Award

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A new magnesium die cast support structure for an automatic-dimming rear view automotive mirror is now being produced in a high-pressure, hot-chamber Mg die casting machine using “in-die de-gating,” two-stage ejection technology, resulting in significant cost savings.

This new Mg production strategy is based on established miniature zinc die casting production techniques. The successful application to larger high-pressure, hot-chamber Mg custom die casting equipment has significantly reduced post-casting operation costs and brought CWM the 2009 “Award of Excellence” for Process Innovation from the International Magnesium Association.

In moving to a lightweight, yet strong, mag die casting for a new model of their advanced electrochromic mirror’s structural component, Gentex company engineers put forth a unique challenge for the die design and production of their new unit. They called for a new Mg tooling design that could achieve the post-casting cost-savings of the high-speed miniature zinc die casting process in the 200-ton hot-chamber mag die casting machine required for the part.

Chicago White Metal brought its deep experience in hot-chamber magnesium part design and production, as a North
American pioneer in the process, to bear on the project. CWM was joined by another Gentex supplier, Cast Products, with its background in tooling design for miniature zinc die cast parts.

The Mg die casting is now being produced without the use of a trim die– no final trimming required. This new application story is being featured in recent issues of Design News and Machine Design magazines.

More details, and photos, on this advance in Mg die casting process technologygo to Case Study #41.”

Guide to “Selecting the Optimum Die Caster”

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This concise 10-point OEM checklist can be a helpful guide to making the optimum supplier decision for successful results in producing a new housing of component as a custom die casting.

It is designed to help assure that OEM engineers and purchasers raise the right questions regarding custom die casting supplier capabilities and receive unbiased recommendations.

This “Application/Tech Brief” is just one of the nine content sections of CWM’s OEM Resource Center on thlis website, where a wealth of free die casting design guides & aids are available for viewing and download.

To download this new PDF Tech Brief (no. 36) on “Selecting the Best Custom Die Caster for Your Next Project,” go directly to the OEM Design Center’s Application/Tech Brief page.

Industry Manuals Now Online at Specal Pricing

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For some time CWM has offered a selection of important die casting design and specification reference manuals and CD-ROMs for purchase through its website. Now, for OEMs considering the die casting process, this valuable reference material will be available to OEMs in the U.S. and Canada by convenient, rapid online credit card ordering through the PayPal system.

The authoritative reference selections offered at special CWM OEM discounts include the latest editions of: The 178-page “Product Design for Die Casting” Manual, the 220-page “Product Specification Standards for Die Casting” Manual and the CD-ROM version of this Standards Manual, all published by the North American Die Casting Assn.

To access the Reference Manual section and online Order Form in the “OEM Die Cast Design Center” of the CWM website, click here: Reference Manuals/CDs.