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The Verdict Is In… CWM and Stenograph Win the IMA Award for Die Cast Design!

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Stenograph Luminex parts were cast by Chicago White Metal. Screen frame and Keyboard Chassis

The Screen Frame casting (left) and the Keyboard Chassis casting (right) are the 2016 Winners for the IMA Award for Design Excellence.  

IMA Die Casting Excellence Award for Magnesium Part

The IMA Award makes its way home from Italy to CWM!

The verdict is in – Chicago White Metal joined forces with Stenograph to not only meet the requirements for producing the high-end stenotype machine parts, but also to win the “case” for Commercial Castings – Excellence in Design from the International Magnesium Association (IMA).

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) was founded in 1943 with a mission in mind – “promote the use of the metal magnesium in material selection and encourage innovative applications of the versatile metal.”

Stenograph produces high-end, portable stenotype machines for court reporters with exceptional quality.  The Stenograph Luminex is more than 1 lb. lighter than the previous model, 33% thinner, and stands at a mere 2.5″ tall.

Walter & Carolyn Treiber accept the prestigious IMA award for die cast design excellence for magnesium, for customer Stenograph

Walter & Carolyn Treiber accept IMA Award for Die Cast Design.

This Award of Excellence is an annual award that is given to the company demonstrating an outstanding example of the use of magnesium.  The magnesium screen frame serves as an ideal metal replacement for plastic, creating a high-end “feel” and look to the end product.  The keyboard chassis replaced aluminum with magnesium for decreased mass, allowing the final product to offer maximum portability.

Walter Treiber explains at the IMA’s World Conference in Italy why magnesium was ultimately chosen for the die cast design of this particular casting.

CWM Ice Sculpture at 2016 IMA World Conference in Italy

The International Magnesium Association (IMA) Creates a CWM Ice Sculpture at the IMA World Conference Closing Banquet in Italy.

Magnesium’s ability to be die cast with an excellent surface finish allows the screen frame part to readily accept a highly cosmetic appearance, giving a sleek, reflective surface finish to the screen frame.  A court reporter is expected to type the official transcripts of court hearings several times a day with amazing efficiency, so the decision to cast the keyboard chassis in magnesium reduced the overall end product mass, which increased portability from one courtroom to the next.”

Congratulations to Chicago White Metal and Stenograph for the success and excellence in die casting!

Visit Stenograph for more information on the Stenograph Luminex.

CWM is Featured on Village of Bensenville TV Show

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The Village of Bensenville invited Eric Treiber, President and CEO of Chicago White Metal, to speak as a representative of the company.  The exclusive interview was a comprehensive overview of CWM, the corporate culture, and insights from both Eric Treiber and Village President Frank Soto on the manufacturing field and the beginnings and inner workings of CWM in the modern-day die casting industry.  Watch more here on their discussion.

CWM Location: Die Casting Facility

Chicago White Metal has enjoyed an ideal location of our die casting facility as well as corporate offices, just 10-15 minutes west of O’Hare International Airport.  With the location built from the ground up specifically for CWM, our die casting facility and offices have seen the surrounding industrial park grow tremendously over the years into the manufacturing mecca it is today.

CWM and the Village of Bensenville: A Long-Standing Partnership

CWM moved its die casting facility location to Bensenville in 1977, nearly 40 years ago, expanding the size of of their much smaller metal die casting space to a 76,500 state-of-the-art die casting facility.  Starting off with zinc die casting, CWM has since expanded into magnesium and aluminum die casting manufacturing, as well.

Chicago White Metal has enjoyed a long history in the die casting manufacturing business and has paved the way for not only Illinois die casting companies, but the die casting industry in general.  CWM was the first North American die caster to have earned ISO 14001 certification and receive environmental recognition from the EPA.  In 2001, CWM was the first die caster to achieve ISO 9001:2000 for product design, and in 1995, became one of the first die casting facilities to achieve ISO 9002:1994.

With a history and current day dedication to innovation, Chicago White Metal has put Bensenville and Illinois on the die casting manufacturing map.  Always maintaining a friendly and mutual partnership with Bensenville, this opportunity for CWM to interact directly with Village President Soto was both an honor and a privilege.

Visit the Village of Bensenville website here:  https://www.bensenville.il.us/

Striko Dynarad & Nicor Gas both feature the newest CWM Aluminum Melting Furnace

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Striko Westofen, a global manufacturer of thermal processing technology, is known for providing energy-efficient solutions for various types of casting industries, which includes aluminum die casting.

Striko Westofen provided CWM with an aluminum die casting melting furnaceJust recently, Striko featured Chicago White Metal in their latest website article about our latest aluminum furnace addition.  This article features the new aluminum melting furnace installation that CWM recently acquired in response to the significant growth in aluminum die castings demand, to increase our aluminum melting capacity, and to maintain our responsibility to the environment as a part of the CWM culture.

Nicor energySMART mentions CWM for its aluminum die casting furnace and energy efficiency

Nicor Gas energySMART program, in conjunction with Striko Westofen, has also featured Chicago White Metal in their latest publication regarding the latest installation of the Striko aluminum furnace. Nicor describe the details on its energy efficiency in day-to-day die casting operations, providing benefits to both CWM and to our environment.

Read more about the energy efficiency of the new aluminum furnace here!

CWM Wins 2013 NADCA Casting Competition

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For the third year in a row, CWM won an award in NADCA’s annual International Die Casting Competition. In 2013, CWM won in the Magnesium Over 2 lbs. category for a projector housing.

Watch the interview with Rob about the
magnesium component here!

Rob Malarky, CWM Engineering Project Manager, worked with our customer’s engineering team to convert two magnesium components into a single unit. Internal features of this magnesium die cast part were redesigned to make it simpler and easier to manufacture. After the redesign, the customer gained a 40% cost reduction. This was realized by eliminating a second casting, die trim, additional machining and dowel pin insertion. The magnesium die cast part also incurred an 8% weight reduction due to the change in geometry.  Rob talks about the process in this exclusive interview, also located on our YouTube channel.

View the PDF case study, available in CWM’s Die Cast Design Center.

Speak with a CWM representative today about your magnesium die cast project!


Fresh Website Redesign Offers Product Design Resources to Engineers

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Chicago White Metal justCWM Website - New Die Cast Resources unveiled its redesigned website, www.cwmdiecast.com.  The website will serve as a resource for OEM product designers, engineers, design consultants, purchasing managers and buyers of die cast components.

The new website features two relevant sections: information about Chicago White Metal’s operations and the Die Cast Design Center (DC2), a free educational hub with one of the industry’s largest collection of technical die cast resource content.  Its purpose is to assist design engineers and buyers through the die casting design and purchasing processes.

“Completely redesigning Chicago White Metal’s internet presence was a large undertaking,” said Marketing Manager, Sandy Winkelman. “The new enhancements will be more informative and offer a superior experience for our visitors. The site reflects our commitment to provide visitors with relevant content that will assist them in every aspect of die casting product design in addition to assisting buyers through the purchasing phase.”

Simplified site navigation makes it quick and easy for the visitor to find information and answers to their questions. A new ‘Ask an Engineer’ feature allows visitors to send questions directly to a die casting engineer to get personalized assistance.

aluminum magnesium zinc die cast design center

Other website features include:

  • A new blog section with details on magnesium, zinc, and aluminum die casting
  • A totally reorganized Die Cast Design Center (DC2) with new die casting resource content
  • Links to multiple CWM social media sites
  • FAQ pages with eight different categories of die cast resource information
  • Rep locator with interactive map

Chicago White Metal has further plans to add new content including videos, case studies, webinar recordings and other reference material to engage visitors on an ongoing basis.  The site’s integration with social media provides additional options for the engineering community to access information and other die casting resources.

The Insourcing Boom: Updated In-Depth Look at the Comeback of Manufacturing to the U.S.

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OEM Tech Brief Die Casting Article, The Insourcing Boom.  Chicago White Metal recognizes the increase in domestic die casting interest – and manufacturing, in general.  In many ways, domestic die casting becomes an ideal solution for several reasons, many of which convert to major benefits that contribute to the overall efficiency when deciding to use a U.S. die casting supplier.  The benefits can be anything from attention to detail, engineering ability, accessibility, U.S. control standards, and other capabilities.  When looking at an offshore provider or considering a U.S. die cast supplier, this article gives an insight on why domestic manufacturing is increasing.

After years of offshore production, U.S. companies are moving much of their far-flung manufacturing operations back home. General Electric is an early example, but it is not alone. Whirlpool, from China to Ohio; Otis, from Mexico to South Carolina; even Wham-O, from China to California.

Charles Fishman, award-winning investigative and magazine journalist writing in the Atlantic magazine, explores what he calls a startling, sustainable, just-getting-started return of industry to the United States. Read a TechBrief PDF condensation of his in-depth article and the reasons for these major production shifts that he labels “The Insourcing Boom.” Directly download the PDF here.