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Many Places for Mini: Miniature Zinc Die Castings

A group of miniature zinc die casting components shown are projects that CWM has worked on over the years.

Miniature zinc die casting is a precision die casting process which addresses the need for smaller component production.  The process is similar to conventional hot chamber die casting, but has the ability to produce castings with faster cycle times, tighter tolerances, and minimal value-added operations.  It can also be an economical replacement for other processes such as screw machine or stamping.

These miniature parts can be cast with great precision in comparison to larger die castings.  

This electronic whiteboard part is a miniature zinc die casting from CWM.  This image compares the size of the part with a quarter.

Thin walls, minimal flash, and ability to produce complex geometries are among the benefits of choosing miniature die casting for smaller parts.  Miniature die casting can be used in many different industries such as: medical, military/government, electronics, computers & peripherals, lawn & garden, alternative energy, telecommunications, global positioning services (GPS), lighting, consumer products, automotive, and many others. n also be an economical replacement for other processes such as screw machine or stamping.


A miniature zinc die cast part for a handheld bar code scanner is compared against a quarter.

Using four-slide machines and single cavity tools, cycle times are significantly faster than conventional die casting, yet still offer great accuracy and repeatability.  With a single cavity tool, tolerances of +/- .001 of an inch are possible on select features. This becomes a crucial advantage as die cast parts get smaller, as costly secondary machining can be avoided.  If larger volumes are required, it is not uncommon to utilize multiple cavity tooling.

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