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CWM is Featured on Village of Bensenville TV Show

The Village of Bensenville invited Eric Treiber, President and CEO of Chicago White Metal, to speak as a representative of the company.  The exclusive interview was a comprehensive overview of CWM, the corporate culture, and insights from both Eric Treiber and Village President Frank Soto on the manufacturing field and the beginnings and inner workings of CWM in the modern-day die casting industry.  Watch more here on their discussion.

CWM Location: Die Casting Facility

Chicago White Metal has enjoyed an ideal location of our die casting facility as well as corporate offices, just 10-15 minutes west of O’Hare International Airport.  With the location built from the ground up specifically for CWM, our die casting facility and offices have seen the surrounding industrial park grow tremendously over the years into the manufacturing mecca it is today.

CWM and the Village of Bensenville: A Long-Standing Partnership

CWM moved its die casting facility location to Bensenville in 1977, nearly 40 years ago, expanding the size of of their much smaller metal die casting space to a 76,500 state-of-the-art die casting facility.  Starting off with zinc die casting, CWM has since expanded into magnesium and aluminum die casting manufacturing, as well.

Chicago White Metal has enjoyed a long history in the die casting manufacturing business and has paved the way for not only Illinois die casting companies, but the die casting industry in general.  CWM was the first North American die caster to have earned ISO 14001 certification and receive environmental recognition from the EPA.  In 2001, CWM was the first die caster to achieve ISO 9001:2000 for product design, and in 1995, became one of the first die casting facilities to achieve ISO 9002:1994.

With a history and current day dedication to innovation, Chicago White Metal has put Bensenville and Illinois on the die casting manufacturing map.  Always maintaining a friendly and mutual partnership with Bensenville, this opportunity for CWM to interact directly with Village President Soto was both an honor and a privilege.

Visit the Village of Bensenville website here:  https://www.bensenville.il.us/