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Striko Dynarad & Nicor Gas both feature the newest CWM Aluminum Melting Furnace


Striko Westofen, a global manufacturer of thermal processing technology, is known for providing energy-efficient solutions for various types of casting industries, which includes aluminum die casting.

Striko Westofen provided CWM with an aluminum die casting melting furnaceJust recently, Striko featured Chicago White Metal in their latest website article about our latest aluminum furnace addition.  This article features the new aluminum melting furnace installation that CWM recently acquired in response to the significant growth in aluminum die castings demand, to increase our aluminum melting capacity, and to maintain our responsibility to the environment as a part of the CWM culture.

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Nicor energySMART mentions CWM for its aluminum die casting furnace and energy efficiency

Nicor Gas energySMART program, in conjunction with Striko Westofen, has also featured Chicago White Metal in their latest publication regarding the latest installation of the Striko aluminum furnace. Nicor describe the details on its energy efficiency in day-to-day die casting operations, providing benefits to both CWM and to our environment.

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