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CWM Wins 2013 NADCA Casting Competition

For the third year in a row, CWM won an award in NADCA’s annual International Die Casting Competition. In 2013, CWM won in the Magnesium Over 2 lbs. category for a projector housing.

Watch the interview with Rob about the
magnesium component here!

Rob Malarky, CWM Engineering Project Manager, worked with our customer’s engineering team to convert two magnesium components into a single unit. Internal features of this magnesium die cast part were redesigned to make it simpler and easier to manufacture. After the redesign, the customer gained a 40% cost reduction. This was realized by eliminating a second casting, die trim, additional machining and dowel pin insertion. The magnesium die cast part also incurred an 8% weight reduction due to the change in geometry.  Rob talks about the process in this exclusive interview, also located on our YouTube channel.

View the PDF case study, available in CWM’s Die Cast Design Center.

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