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Zinc Die Casting

Zinc die casting provides high quality and production efficiency.

Die Cast Zinc - Zinc Die Casting Enclosure Support.

Zinc die casting enclosure support. At 22” long, the die cast design required a metal with excellent fluidity properties.  Zinc die casting was the ideal solution.  


Primitivo has been a Zinc Die Casting Person since 1989, works with zinc material daily.

Primitivo Solano
Zinc Die Casting Specialist
Employed since 1989

Die Cast Zinc parts use these ingots to place within the zinc alloy melting furnace.  Zinc material.

CWM manufactures die castings in several types of Zinc alloy material. 


Die cast zinc is one of the most versatile of die casting alloys. It provides high precision with low tooling costs. Zinc die casting offers a broad range of excellent physical and mechanical properties, finishing characteristics and is the easiest to cast. Advantages of zinc die casting include:

  • Complex shapes and thinner walls
  • Superior mechanical and physical properties with excellent tensile strength and dimensional stability
  • Excellent RFI/EMI shielding capabilities
  • Longer die life with minimal maintenance
  • Wide range of finishing options

Zinc Die Casting Performance and Quality

CWM casts in two different zinc alloys: Zamak No. 3 and ZA-8. Both offer the ability to cast with intricate detail and close dimensional tolerances at high production rates. ZA-8 is often the choice when additional strength and greater creep resistance is required. With zinc die casting machines from 80 to 500 tons of locking force, CWM can produce parts in sizes from 0.75" x 0.75" to 18" x 18".

Zinc die casting is a high strength solution to create a part with high durability and hardness.  Zamak No. 3 provides the ability to attenuate vibrations, while ZA-8 includes a bit more aluminum than its zinc counterpart.  

In addition, CWM offers zinc alloys #3, #5, and ZA8 with our miniature zinc die casting process for small parts.

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