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Choose the right alloy because it’s the right choice for your project.

Die Casting Metal Alloy Typical Material Properties

Download the Alloy Material Properties for Aluminum 380, Magnesium AZ91D and both Zamak # 3 and ZA8 for Zinc.

The first step in designing a die cast component is choosing the proper alloy.  CWM has compiled a table of Material Properties based on NADCA Standards for Al 380, Mg AZ91D, Zn No. 3 and ZA-8.  Click here to view the file.

CWM produces die castings in all of the most popular alloys: Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc and can therefore provide an unbiased recommendation on the best alloy choice for your die cast project. Each alloy offers you a combination of specific performance and cost advantages which should be discussed prior to making a final alloy decision.

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