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A true ‘Green Biz Leader’ replaces harmful substances and waste with innovation and commitment.

CWM Die Casting Company - Environmental Responsibility

Chicago White Metal has a long, proud history of being an environmentally responsible die casting company. Our practices began long before cultural demands for sustainability and we have earned recognition for our efforts. Reduce, reuse, and recycle remain our mantra throughout our operations and supply chain.  

Over the years, CWM has had numerous environmental achievements:

  • 1st North American die caster to have its environmental policies and procedures earn ISO 14001 Certification. CWM’s Environmental Management System has been in place since 1998.

  • 1st North American die caster to receive environmental recognition from the EPA. Accepted into EPA's National Environmental Performance Track Program in 2000. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency publicly recognized Chicago White Metal Casting as being among the nation's top environmental performers, the first of successive recognitions by the EPA— the only custom die caster having received such recognition.

  • Named by EPA as a "Green Biz Leader" Company. In an EPA sponsored program, CWM has been named a "Green Biz Leader" Company, based on its continuing environmental performance.

Ongoing initiatives include:      
  • Energy Reduction

  • Waste water reduction

  • Air emission reduction

  • Hazardous material reduction

  • Paper recycling 


ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, CWM Custom Die Casting CompanyCWM ECHO Report Link for Die Casting Processes

CWM has an environmental policy that it adheres to in order to maintain 14001 compliance.



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