We provide a knowledge base and service range matched by few machining specialists.

Machining a die casting creates precise calculations down to the thousandths.

CWM’s Leadwell MV-50i uses solid
carbide tooling and custom long reach
holders to mill, drill, ream, bore and tap
a variety of features in the die casting - many of which are critical to function
with tight positional tolerances

CWM has a conventional machining center that drills, reams, and taps die castings where needed.

CWM’s conventional machining center
drills, reams and performs tapping operations all at the same time.  

Mike Vrtis specializes in CNC machining die castings.

Mike Vrtis
CNC Senior Engineer
Employed since 1999

CWM offers a state-of-the-art, in-house die casting machining facility. As a die caster, we have one of the industry's largest machining operations with over 50 dedicated machining centers and a comprehensive range of capabilities--bringing you all of the advantages of the incredible precision and speed possible with today's advanced machining equipment.

Depending on your requirements, we can customize a machining process to meet your specifications and budget.

  • CNC Machining Services: 25 centers including vertical, horizontal, drill & tap, and turning. Our CNC department maintains its own dedicated engineering staff and QA laboratory.  This assures that your project will benefit from the highest level of expertise during every phase of the machining process, from CAD file evaluation through fixture preplanning, machine programming and final operations.

CNC Prototypes: CWM’s in-house CNC prototyping capability can work directly from a CAD file to produce precise multiple prototypes in Al, Mg or Zn for a variety of functional tests. Learn more about CWM’s prototype capabilities. 

  • Conventional Machining: 26 dedicated drilling, tapping and reaming machining centers in a combination of both single and multi-station configurations.  With this versatility, CWM can perform a variety of machining options at a cost savings over traditional CNC machining.

Whether it’s our CNC or conventional machining operation, standard or precision tolerances, low or high volume, our commitment is to analyze early and thoroughly to optimize all that follows—combining our 75 years of die casting experience with state-of-the-art precision machined tolerances to deliver die casting machining excellence.

Contact Chicago White Metal for more information on our in-house die casting machining services.

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