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Medical and Dental Die Castings

Medical die castings - this is a group of parts in aluminum, magnesium and zinc that fit several medical applications.

The aluminum die casting panel for a hospital bed’s footboard controls has cast-in-place standing bosses that measure 1.30 in. (3.30 cm) high.

Intricately configured die casting component parts for medical and dental products are being produced as optimized near-net-shape die castings. Applications include magnesium, zinc, and aluminum die casting enclosures and other components for medical monitors, x-ray machines, electronically operated hospital beds, dental operatories, EKG machines, ultrasound equipment, portable oxygen pumps, and many other high tech medical devices.

Part strength, rigidity, light weight, and built-in EMI/RFI shielding — along with unit cost savings over alternative manufacturing processes—are just some of die casting benefits that you can realize with Chicago White Metal’s medical/dental component solutions.

Request a quote today on metal die castings for your medical or dental application, or contact us to discuss your project’s needs.

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